Nainital:You can now attend a real-life school of Harry Potter's Hogwarts in St.joseph school.


Reported by Kanchan Verma

On 9 Aug 2020
Nainital:You can now attend a real-life school of Harry Potter's Hogwarts in St.joseph school.

Anyone who's dreamed of Harry Potter's Hogwarts ever since reading about the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends can now live out their fantasies at a real-life school of amazing firewood magical classroom which has just launched in St.joseph collage in Nainital. yes ! St. Joseph's College, Nainital will be the first school in Uttrakhand to setup a makerspace.potterheads will recognize the nods to Hogwarts,which is transformed the space into real life The makerspace is a place where students work in a collaborative manner to develop skills and projects in various disciplines such as Woodworking, Robotics, Blacksmithiny, 3D Printing, etc. 

The principal brother pinto says The makerspace in Sem has been setup in an old tunnel,that used to run beneath the schools main field and was for a time used as coal storeage. The furniture in the space has been made using upcycled materials such as old floor boards from the school bio lab. This way the school helps in reducing its carbon footprint. 

The makerspace in Sem has been setup with the help of Abhimanyu Kumar, from Mistri Labs, who also runs a makerspace here in Nainital and when the school opens after the covid lockdown, he will take classes on woodworking and robotics in this space. 

The space will at a time be able to host 24 students, who will build projects with various materials using the skills taught to them thus giving them knowledge in practical problem solving. The makerspace will be home to the latest tools and equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters as well as old traditional tools that the students can utilize to build their projects. 

The space was designed keeping in mind the architectural and historical importance of the tunnel and as such the build team at Mistri Labs tried to preserve as much of the old structure as possible and with the fancy mood lighting it kind of resembles some rooms from the Harry Potter films which is a happy coincidence.

Talents will be enhanced Along with Harry Potter, this magical class has now come to learn magic. This room is built in a store room in the firewood, which is close to the shower room. The dreamers of the magical world and lovers of Harry Potter will love this class room, this workshop will be really amazing. St. Joseph's School is the first school in which a small but true effort has been made on the lines of Harry Potter.

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